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Principles and Practices of Complete Dentures

Principles and Practices of Complete Dentures
Author(s)/Editor(s): Hayakawa, Iwao

The widespread perception that constructing well-fitting complete dentures is simply too difficult is challenged by the innovative and time-tested approach presented in this book. The guiding philosophy behind this procedural atlas is the author’s belief that visualization of form is an essential first step in proper denture design, without which a denture will fail to function satisfactorily. An abundance of color photographs enhances this highly detailed guide to the technical procedures involved in denture construction, and the book is highlighted by practical clinical tips that the author has accumulated through his many years of making complete dentures.

ISBN: 4-87417-607-0
978-4-87417-607-8 , 9784874176078

Table of Contents:
1. Examination and Preparation for Treatment
2. Making the Impressions
3. Recording the Jaw Relations
4. Arranging the Artificial Teeth
5. Try-in of the Dentures
6. Designing the Polished Surface
7. Correcting the Occlusion
8. Denture Insertion and Subsequent Oral Examinations
9. Clinical Procedure
Appendix: Application of Soft Denture Lining Materials

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