mercredi 25 août 2010

Panoramic Radiology

  • Complete up-to-date collection of information on panoramic radiography usage
  • Up-to-date terminology validated by representatives of individual special disciplines within dentistry
  • Each chapter with educational objectives and review questions
Panoramic radiology systems are currently being used in more practices than at other any time in the past. The practitioner now has decisions to make regarding detector technology selection for image acquisition and must remain informed about appropriate usage. This book is applicable to all panoramic dental images and equipment. It approaches panoramic radiology usage in the context of general and specialty applications.

Seminars on Maxillofacial Imaging and Interpretation
Farman, Allan G. (Ed.)
2007, XIV, 232 p. 178 illus., 120 in color., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-46229-3

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