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Periodontal Therapy: Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success

Author(s)/Editor(s): Nevins, Myron and Mellonig, James T

ISBN: 0-86715-309-1
416pp: 1,113 illus (804 in color)

Table of Contents:
1. Essentials of Periodontal Treatment Planning for Adult Chronic Periodontitis/Myron Nevins, DDS
2. The Interdental Embrasure and Interproximal Periodontal Disease/Myron Nevins, DDS
3. A Long-Term Maintenance Program/Myron Nevins, DDS; Richard J. Oringer, DDS, DMSc; and Marc L. Nevins, DMD, MMSc
4. Diagnosing Destructive Periodontal Diseases/Gary S. Greenstein, DDS, MS; and Michael P. Rethman, DDS, MS
5. Systemic Complications That Influence the Successful Treatment of Adult Periodontitis/Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD; and Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS
6. Treatment of Juvenile Periodontitis/Michael G. Newman, DDS; and Perry R. Klokkevold, DDS, MS
7. Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy/Michael A. Brunsvold, DDS, MS
8. Treatment of the Periodontium Affected by Occlusal Traumatism/Paul A. Ricchetti, DDS, MScD
9. Interaction of Periodontal and Orthodontic Treatment/John R. Bednar, DMD; and Roger J. Wise, DDS
10. Intracoronal and Extracoronal Stabilization/James J. Hanratty, DDS
11. Osseous Surgery: The Resective Approach/Michael P. Mills, DMD, MS; and Howard T. McDonnell, DDS, MS
12. Flap Design and Suturing in Periodontal Surgery/Nicholas M. Dello Russo, DMD, MScD
13. Treatment of Mandibular Furcations/Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
14. Treatment of Maxillary Furcations/ Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
15. Periodontal Regeneration: Bone Grafts/James T. Mellonig, DDS, MS
16. Periodontal Regeneration: Clinical Application/Myron Nevins, DDS
17. Surgical Complications in Guided Tissue Regeneration/Kevin G. Murphy, DDS, MS
18. Mucogingival Surgery: The Rationale and Long-Term Results/Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
19. Mucogingival Considerations for the Adolescent Patient/J. Gary Maynard Jr, DDS
20. The Biologic Width: Preventing Postsurgical Recession/ Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
21. The Biologic Width: Crown Lengthening/Sergio De Paoli, DDS; Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
22. Surgical Preparation of the Edentulous Ridge to Receive a Pontic/ Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
23. An Overview of Surgery to Cover the Exposed Root Surface/ Myron Nevins, DDS; and Emil G. Cappetta, DMD
24. The Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft for Achieving Root Coverage/Gary M. Reiser, DDS; and John F. Bruno, DDS, MS
25. Guided Tissue Regeneration in the Treatment of Facial Recession/Stefano Parma-Benfenati, MD, DDS, MScD; and Carlo Tinti, MD, DDS
26. Supportive Periodontal Care/Ralph P. Pollack, DMD, MScD

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