samedi 2 juin 2012

Problem solving in Endodontics:Prevention, Identification, and Management

Focusing on endodontic problem-solving and troubleshooting techniques, this book covers ways to avoid problems throughout the full spectrum of treatment - from diagnosis to posttreatment. In delivering a consistently high level of quality care, this approach follows three steps: how to prevent problems in treatment, how to identify problems that exist or that occur during treatment, and how to manage those problems once they are recognized. This edition offers practical ways to address the most common clinical problems, scenarios, and issues that pose dilemmas for the student or clinician.
  • Succinct tables, boxes, and bulleted lists make information easier to find.
  • 1,150 illustrations show problem-solving techniques put into practice, allowing for better identification of conditions and treatments.
  • Expanded discussion of documentation looks at legal forms and malpractice issues - useful preparation for preventing or dealing with legal situations.
  • Concise and contemporary reference lists are included at the end of every chapter.

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