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Advanded Removable Partiel Denture

This text discusses the treatment of the partially edentulous patient with a combination of fixed and removable partial dentures at the advanced level; it is intended to guide general practitioners and graduate students in prosthodontics in creating a quality RPD.

The removable partial denture has always been my special challenge in dentistry. As a clinician, researcher, dental laboratory director, lecturer, and mentor, I have spent almost 35 years trying to come to grips with the complexities of this form of prosthodontic treatment. I would estimate that 20% of partial wearers are more than just a little dissatisfied with their denture. Unlike with the fixed partial denture, the patient has the option of removing the prosthesis at the slightest hint of discomfort, physical or mental. Given the actual state of practice—the dentist does only the occasional partial denture with almost total reliance on the dental laboratory for design as well as construction—I am most pessimistic as to the effect of this, or any other text on the subject. While there are a number of excellent basic texts on the removable partial denture, they are all directed toward the undergraduate dental student. I have not found anything that I can use as an advanced text for the graduate student and study club participant who wishes to pursue this form of therapy at the highest level. After years of being asked if I had ever considered putting my lecture material in written form and protesting that I did not have the time, my partial retirement from the University of Washington School of Dentistry has made my excuses no longer valid. This work is not intended to be a textbook in the classical sense. It is, rather, a monograph on the removable partial denture, written with the expectation that the reader will already have covered the basics of the partial denture and is now ready to take a more sophisticated look at this treatment modality. It does not have a bibliography, and the illustrations consist of drawings that I have placed on countless blackboards over the years in an attempt to make things clear to my students. What follows are my thoughts as they have evolved over these years of practice and teaching in this fascinating area. While I take complete responsibility for the content of this work, I have been aided in the writing by my friend and coworker, Janine Nemerever Coates, who, as program coordinator of the Graduate Program in Prosthodontics, has long stood watch over my faulty grammar and sentence structure. I have also had the help of Dr Alex Shor, presently in our graduate program, who has reviewed the entire book to provide insight and guidance from the eyes of the potential readership. This book is dedicated to my graduate students—past, present, and hopefully future—who provide, on a daily basis, the joy of seeing someone learn. It is also dedicated to my longtime friend and colleague, the eminent functional anatomist, Professor Jean Romerowski of the University of Paris, VII, who has been an inspiration in this matter as in so many other endeavors over the years.

ISBN: 0-86715-351-2
978-0-86715-351-4 , 9780867153514

Table of Contents:
1. Patient Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
2. Removable Partial Denture Design
3. Mouth Preparation
4. Final Impressions and Master Casts
5. Laboratory Construction of the Framework
6. Establishing the Tooth-Frame Relationship
7. Completion of the Partial Denture
8. Repairs, Additions, and Relines
9. Special Prostheses
10. Precision Attachments
11. Implants and Removable Partial Dentures


"..the book presents the thoughts of a respected prosthodontist, teacher, and researcher gained through 35 years of practical experience. The text thoroughly covers the topic of removable partial denture prosthodontics. It allows the reader to "pick the brain" of a prosthodontist with over 3 decades of experience. It provokes the knowledgeable reader to reconsider some of the classic teaching in removable partial denture prosthodontics. It stimulates readers to seek an understanding of the principles of removable partial dentures and to strive to provide optimal removable partial denture treatment."

John E. Ward, DDS, MSD
Journal of Prosthodontics Vol 9, 2000 pp116

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